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Screen Printing is done by printing ink through a fine mesh screen onto a substrate. There are three key components in the process: Art, Screens and the Print.  Each component is equally important.  If one part of the operation is not just right, the whole process will suffer.


The process begins in the art room.  You send us your concept or idea, and we make into a tangible design.  Once the customer has approved their art on a virtual mock up, the design is then broken down into separate colors.  This process can be fairly difficult, depending on the complexity of the design, and this is where our years of experience comes into play.


Once separated, the design is then burned to a screen using our exposure unit.  The quality & mesh count of the screen plays a large role in the outcome of the print.  A loose screen will not allow the clarity and color saturation that a high tension screen does.  We’ve made the investment in the finest screens &  available to get the job done right.


After the screen is made, it’s time to print.  All of our screen printing is done on our automatic press.  Our automatic press offers very consistent, sharp, vibrant images each time an order is produced.

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